The new system for road toll payment

On 1st of July 2013, the electronic, distance-based toll system (DTS) has been introduced on a total of 6,500 km (from 1 December 2013) road network of the Hungarian public road network (motorways, highways, main routes).

The new system will comply with the European Union requirements and the directives of the European Electronic Toll Service (EETS) (Act LXVII of 2013 on distance-based toll payable for the use of motorways, highways and main routes). The rate of distance-based toll payment depends on the used road type, the category of the motor vehicle (J2, J3, J4), as well as its environmental classification.

The Hungarian Government has designated the National Toll Payment Services PLC (NÚSZ Zrt.) to conduct all of the tasks related to the collection of tolls and all of the bound toll services, and the Company will play a significant role in the control support tasks as well.

On-board unit – recommended option for frequent road use


If you frequently use the toll-road sections, reporting road use by an on-board unit is recommended. Among others, businesses which have a contract with the National Toll Payment Services PLC and which provide fleet management services (so-called report agents) offer on-board units.

Frequently Asked Questions

Order process: After filling out the below form, you can download right away the bank account number necessary for transfer respectively it will be sent to you by email as well. After payment has been received, the device will be sent to you immediately by GLS courier service.

It means that the device does not require to be built in to the vehicle – it operates connected to the cigarette lighter. Due to its small size, it can be easily and quickly placed.

After 2 years you have to top up the SIM card with a one time fee, than the OBU will be working for another 2 years.

Yes. 3 years.



Fee control

The control of unauthorized usage of the toll road system in Hungary will take place in two different ways. Basically there will be stationary monitoring stations (Internet) and vehicles with installed mobile charge control equipments (without stopping the traffic). In addition, the existing control system of the SMMC, thanks to the technical infrastructure, will be fully able to collect the necessary data, even in changing weather and lighting conditions, day and night, so to determine whether the vehicles paid the fees required.

In case of infringement  there are two ways to be fined:

  • on-site – stopping by – control of  the road user;
  • without on-site stopping, application of a principle, so-called objective liability, to the registered vehicle owner/keeper.

Also foreigners can be fined retrospectively, without stopping on the spot, that is, when the unauthorized user will be next back to the country.


HU-GO registration is not necessary for the use of the electronic toll collection system, but several comfort functions can be used by registered clients only. Only registered users can report their road use using an on-board unit.

Obligation to pay

Trucks and tractors (including tractor trucks) with a maximum total permissible weight over 3.5 tons (in three categories: J2, J3, J4), as well as vehicle trains composed of such vehicles and the towed trailer or semi-trailer.

Automatic declaration

In case of declaration via On-Board Unit, the declaration is automatic; however, it is important to check that the unit is turned on and in workable status, and that sufficient balance for your trip is available on your HU-GO account.

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