OBU S550 on-board device (cigarette lighter operation)

SALE! OBU S550 from €109 – the offer is subject to availability! Free functions, maximum protection against fines: choose the reliability! No monthly fee, free security warnings.

Buy an OBU S550 onboard unit suitable for toll payment: reliable, easy to use, affordable OBU devices for the Hungarian Electronic Toll System. By purchasing the OBU device, you also get our individual services that help you avoid fines as well as the costs of the SIM card for a period of 2 years will be made available to you free of charge. Do you have any questions or need help regarding the OBU or the toll payment system? Contact our customer service, we get back to you as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours.

OBU S550 on-board-unitone time payment, no monthly fee€109

  • Valid SIM card (for 2 years together with the device)
  • Shipping within 2-3 working days after payments received
  • JDB vehicle category modification (number of axles change)
  • LED and acoustic signals
  • Informs about the toll-balance condition
  • Automatic software updates
  • Cigarette lighter operation, easy to use
  • Free security warnings
  • Display of vehicle’s position
  • 7/24 multilanguage technical support by phone
  • Capable of basic fleet management services
  • 2 years guarantee
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* sale price, subject to availability


On-board unit

  • Check of the functioning of OBU S550 device
  • OBU LED and acoustic signals
  • JDB vehicle category modification (number of axles change)
  • Display of vehicle’s position
  • Time of last purchased route ticket
  • Query for vehicle’s route ticket relating to a period of time
  • Query for checking SIM card validity

The shipping fee is 20 EUR for every 5 devices.

1-5 devices: 20 EUR
6-10 devices: 40 EUR
11-15 devices: 60 EUR

and so on.

Warranty 2 years

Free OBU checking:

  • Check of the functioning of OBU S550 device
  • Display of vehicle’s position
  • Prospectus on OBU LED and acoustic signals (downloadable)
  • Time of last purchased route ticket
  • JDB vehicle category modification (number of axles change)
  • Query for checking SIM card validity

Content of the package



Alarm notification due to presumable unauthorised road use
If you set this request for alarm on the HU- GO website, the system will send a notification, if the device does not send data for 30 minutes. If you continuously check it, fines can be avoided up to 99 percent.

Alarm notification via an SMS or a telephone call in case of malfunctioning
If we detect an identifiable problem on your toll device, a notification will be sent in 10 minutes.

Alarm notification due to possibly data fail
Final warning: the device has not sent any signals for more than 24 hours. By monitoring this information, you can avoid fines in a high percentage of cases.

Alarm notification of skipping report
Every registered user gets it via email, if the OBU S550 device has not provided data for a certain period of time, then it started to operate again. This notification is sent only after the failure has occurred, nevertheless, it is useful to be able to avoid further errors.